Castalia Communications is an independent media development company founded in 1991 that produces television programming, provides sales and marketing for international television networks, and acts as an independent distributor of television content.


Luis Torres-Bohl founded Castalia in 1991 after experiencing first hand the challenge of introducing cable and broadcast programming and products to foreign markets. Working with CBS, Turner International and other broadcast conglomerates, Torres-Bohl developed deep experience working on communications projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Canada.

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Company Highlights

Castalia distributes programming for its many television, radio and Internet clients, has worked with large technology companies, and has a proven record of assisting its clients in increasing their presence and revenues in the industry, taking ideas from inception to businesses.

Castalia has excellent contacts and expertise in Latin America as well as the United States and Canada, and continues several long-term collaborations in European and Asian markets. 

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In 2005, Castalia created and launched Mexicanal, an award-winning regional channel for Mexican immigrants in the US and Canada, currently distributed on major pay TV platforms in those markets, including Comcast, AT&T, DirecTV and the Dish network.

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Company Values

Castalia has made its name in doing business the right way, never putting profit over principles. Castalia’s principles govern everything the company does, and are held at the corporate level as well as personally among its employees:


Guidance and leadership through example, for the benefit of our clients


Reliability and honesty; respect for the needs and rights of others


Using all resources at the company´s disposal to keep our promises


Ability to go beyond traditional ideas and conventions to arrive at new meanings and interpretations


Teamwork, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude


Drive and focus in working on projects that generate positive results for clients